“Beginning my week on Monday morning in Pam Field’s Gentle Yoga class is perfect. It sets the tone for the whole week. The stretches and movements have helped to keep me limber and flexible, allowing me to be in my 15th year in this yoga class with Pam.”
~ Claire, age 92

“Entering Pam Field’s Yoga studio gives an immediate sense of warmth and caring. Pam is calm and friendly, and her passion for her work is clearly evident. She takes time to focus on all her students individually, making  sure that we are properly aligned in our poses to maximize their benefits and avoid injuries. But before guiding a student into proper alignment, she always considerately asks permission to touch his or her body.”

“Pam’s studio is always clean and uncluttered, giving it the feeling of a peaceful oasis in an otherwise chaotic world. The classes promote social health as well as mental and physical improvement. Students who start out as strangers often become friends. This is an exceptional place to learn and practice Yoga with a devoted and loving yogamom.”
~ Linda

“This is my first experience with yoga and Pam makes it easy and non-threatening.”
~ Laura

“I have been a student of Pam’s for over 20 years. I am happy to report that with Pam’s gentle and wise guidance over the years, at age 66 I’m stronger, more flexible and have better stamina than I did at 45. Yoga class is a mainstay of my week–I wouldn’t miss it­–and I plan to continue the rest of my life. I would encourage anyone regardless of age or condition to begin now. Improving is something to look forward to, and it’s fun.”
~ Suzanne

“After enduring steadily severe back pain for two years, I signed up for Gentle Yoga classes with Pam Field at the Yoga Center of Santa Rosa. I immediately achieved some loosening of my back. After taking Pam’s gentle class for several weeks, I gained flexibility in the rest of my body as well, and soon moved on to Pam’s Beginning Yoga class. I have continued to make surprising progress. Not only can I now walk several blocks without experiencing pain, but I also am able to work in my yard for hours at a stretch without sitting down even once!  Pam is treating my condition with knowledge, gentleness, caution and great encouragement. I am indebted to Pam for helping me enjoy life more!”
~ Paul

“I had wanted to try Yoga for a long time, but was too intimidated to join a class. I am not flexible at all and have never been able to even come close to touching my toes. Friends of mine introduced me to Pam’s “Gentle Yoga” class, which was a great way to ease into yoga. I found that I actually can do Yoga, and after a few classes, I moved to Pam’s Beginning Yoga class. I appreciate the non-intimidating way in which Pam teaches Yoga. She has an inclusive approach, and she always provides alternatives to poses. I appreciate how she gently helps me align my body in the poses to get the correct stretch. This is so important to me!”

“I look forward to coming to class each week. Pam makes Yoga accessible, enjoyable and most importantly non-intimidating for a novice like myself.”
~ Shari